About MyCastle.app

Software developers have had mature and powerful methods for tracking and fixing bugs for years. Why not employ similar methods for physical issues? This is the basis for the development of MyCastle.app.

Solving Our Own Needs

We're people who rent. We caught ourselves wishing for better products in this space, so we decided to make it!

For Tenants

One of the frustrations about renting is not having power to fix things when they go wrong. My castle app helps by

  • Direct line of communications with not only landlords, but contractors as well.
  • keeps a record of commitments, all in one place and out of your personal communications
  • with spending authorisations, you can go directly to contractors to fix problems, knowing you are trusted to make arrangements without waiting for the ‘communication dance’ to be done.
  • arrange visit times with contractors directly, allowing for more flexibility and security.
  • optional weekly or monthly digest emails, communicating the status of your relevant issues.
  • proactively raise ussues before they become a big deal
  • know when contractors are visiting and allow limited time security access.

For landlords

  • At a glance see the status and urgency of all issues, across one or more properties
  • Receive more timely notifications of issues, particular the things that aren’t important enough to make a call about, but that could grow into big propblems.
  • Transparency: your tenants can see your aware of issues and making progress on them.
  • Communication: on of the most things in a landlord relationship is communications. See all of your messages in one place, out of your personal affairs.
  • Notification settings: control how much notifications you receive, from instant notifications to weekly and monthly digests.
  • Property summaries
  • Contractor assignments: give contractors a list of all appropriate issues to be completed in an area. This allows contractors to prioritise their workload and Arrange the most efficient locations.
  • ( case study: electrician in grey Lynn with 4 houses to fix 6 issues)
  • Approved contractors: set friendly contractors as approved for properties, so tenants can contact them directly.
  • Upload quotes and invoices to an issue, so a record is kept, and visible by everyone involved.
  • Spending approvals: for trusted tenants, set a spending approval so they can arrange repairs immediately without having to do the ‘communication dance’ with you.
  • Secure ‘vault’ storage of files and notes. Private to you, but accessa/bale wherever you are. No more trying to find that file from years ago on your hard drive.
  • Backup files and emails to dropbox for extra peace of mind
  • Optional export all to your content, for extra peace of mind.
  • View documents in the app (no more downloading just to discover it's an old file)

For contractors

  • Visibility over issues
  • Upload quotes and invoices immediately
  • Clear communication: see what the problem is, and tell them how you’ll fix it. Communication is one of the hardest things between owners and contractors. Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Get 'accredited contractor' status to speed up process.
  • Security access: get security codes and access information in a private and secure manner.


  • Hight Contrast/Print Views: Because not everyone works in ideal conditions.
  • Task lists: printable list of issues, by user or by property.